23rd Annual OutReach Awards NOMINATION BALLOTING

Nominations must be made by Friday, Aug. 7th.

  • OutReach Board of Directors current members and paid staff are ineligible for nomination for any OutReach award.
  • Persons who have received an OutReach award in the past, may be nominated in another category but may not be considered for a second award in the same category.
  • Nominations for LGBTQ Advocate of the Year, Harry Straetz Memorial OutReach Volunteer of the Year and Ally of the Year will be considered only in the category for which they were nominated. The only exception will be that such nominees may be considered for a Courage Award.
  • Persons may be nominated because of outstanding work done in a paid capacity.
  • Organizations may be nominated for the Organization of the Year Award, if a prior award in this category was made six or more years previously.
  • Ally of the Year, Organization of the Year and the Courage Award may not be awarded every year.

Past OutReach award winners can be found here.

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Available award categories:

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