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Volunteer Opportunities:

Speaker's Bureau

OutReach gets approximately 200 requests each year from schools of all kinds, businesses and other community groups to have someone come and speak about LGBT issues. Audiences range from teens to the elderly. Topics range from coming-out, discrimination of all kinds, transgender people, to domestic partnership issues.

There is a mandatory three-hour training. You will learn how to run an engagement, set your personal boundaries, and familiarize yourself with OurReach's suggested topic guidelines.

After completing the 1-3 hour training, all speaker bureau volunteers are offered the same speaking opportunities, then you pick which ones you're interested in covering. The audience members and organizers of each speaking engagement fill out a feedback form, which OutReach uses to see how adequately their needs were met.

Various Committees

  • The committee that offers the widest variety of things to do is our Special Events Committee. You may join to help plan one particular event, or you may be more permanently involved and help with the logistics of all OutReach events.
  • If you like books, the Library Committee is for you! People on this committee help keep the books organized, and give input about what the library needs in general.
  • Members of the Development Committee work on donor relations and fundraising campaigns.
  • The Program Committee helps develop the Program Director structure, evaluate and implement programs and services of the agency.
  • Youth Programming Committee (18-24 years old) assists with the development of youth programming through our 18-24 year old group "OutThere".

Peer Counseling & Office Support

People often come to OutReach to talk to someone. That person is usually the volunteer sitting at the front desk!

Fifteen hours of training will prepare you for staffing our front desk. You will learn everything from how our office functions to dealing with the public. As the first person that people see when they come to OutReach, you play a vital role in helping us to serve our communities. You'll provide referral to LGBT-friendly businesses and organizations as well as document use of OutReach's services. Front desk volunteers also provide important support for staff members.

OutReach asks that you committ to volunteering in this capacity for 3 hours per week for one year. Daytime, evening and weekend hours are available.

Group Facilitation

OutReach needs individuals to facilitate groups of various kinds, from coming out support to social/discussion in nature.

All facilitators must complete a 12 hour training on group facilitation in which they learn about suggested formats for support groups, OutReach's guidelines for leading groups, safety and emergency procedures, suggested topics, etc.

Once OutReach has collected enough names of interested persons, two facilitators will be asked to interview prospective members in order to determine their appropriateness for the group.

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with OutReach!

Our preferred application method is our online volunteer application. After submitting, you should expect to hear from our Program Director within 5-7 business days.

Interested in donating your time to OutReach?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with OutReach! Volunteers are an integral part of OutReach’s success; without passionate and dedicated people like you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Volunteers can assist in many different aspects of OutReach planning, programming, and implementation of services to our clients. Volunteers can also help out with our fundraising events (i.e - annual Garden Party or Awards Banquet) or are needed with tabling events throughout the year (i.e. - various summer festivals or volunteer fairs.)

Volunteer Information

Volunteers must complete the volunteer application (either online or on paper), agree to a background check, interview with the Program Director, sign and agree to adhere to OutReach’s Ethics and Confidentiality Statement, and successfully complete any trainings pertinent to the volunteer activity of choice.

We ask our volunteers have a good attitude while volunteering, have empathy when working with diverse populations of people, and are responsible, reliable, have good communication skills, be non-judgmental, and trustworthy.

OutReach has the right to decline any volunteer application for any reason.

Drug and Alcohol Statement

OutReach, Inc. does not tolerate impaired performance due to substance abuse (legal or illegal) by its employees/volunteers while on the job. The following is a statement of that policy:

OutReach, Inc. strictly prohibits the use, possession, sale, conveyance, distribution, or manufacture of illegal drugs, intoxicants, controlled substances, and/or drug paraphernalia in any amount or in any manner in the workplace. Prescription or over-the-counter drugs, if abused or used without proper medical direction, are strictly prohibited. Impaired performance due to substance abuse is a violation of agency policy and is prohibited. There is zero tolerance for volunteers being impaired while on the job. You will no longer be allowed to volunteer here if you show up to your shift under the influence.

Please fill out the Volunteer Application.

You will be taken to an application offsite (to our sister site, Please fill out the form and our Program Director will get a hold of you soon!

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